Undergraduate Medical Education Management

A New Approach to University & Clinical Alignment

MedHub is the only Medical Education Management platform that bridges the gap between UME & GME. The result? Institutions benefit from an exceptional range of integrated capabilities, while Medical School and GME Leadership remain in control of their programs and data.

Simplify Program Administration

A single unified platform provides continuity between medical school clerkship offices, graduate programs, academic affairs and clinical locations.

Ensure Institutional Oversight

An enterprise-wide model delivers institutions with unified administrative processes and workflows, improved data accuracy, and reduced institutional risk.

Improve Learning Outcomes

The MedHub platform enables the highest quality assessment practices and extends the continuum of education from medical school to residency and beyond.

The MedHub approach isn't just different, it's better.

MedHub was built from the ground up to support the largest, most complex GME institutions.
Those very same institutions' wanted an equally comprehensive platform for UME that allowed
for integrated data, activities and workflows between GME & UME. We built it.

Share Faculty

Enable faculty member coordination across UME & GME, and simplify faculty tasks with a single system log-in.

Automate Evaluation Delivery

Allow automatic matching of evaluation delivery between Undergraduate & Graduate Medical Education programs.

Foster Collaboration

Facilitate IPE by sharing conference schedules and enabling student & resident interaction.

Simplify Scheduling

Provide visibility to GME coordinators of which students are available for schedule assignment.

Align Processes

Reduce redundant administrative tasks, simplify institutional reporting, and mitigate risk across all programs.

Transition Matriculating Students

Convert profiles and historical data of students transitioning to residency, and residents to faculty.

With MedHub, we are able to pull faculty reports by department. Having the ability to run an Aggregate Evaluation Report of a department's primary faculty members has been an absolute life saver for me.


Information Analyst, University of Rochester School of Medicine

Improved Workflow, From Pre-Med to MD

The same enterprise-wide approach, robust capabilities and flexibility that makes MedHub a leader in GME management, is helping affiliated medical schools address the same complexities of experiential learning. By managing undergraduate and graduate medical education with a single platform, MedHub increases efficiency and enhances the student experience, from clerkship through fellowship.

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