The Learning Portal

Save time with a scalable solution for onboarding and training new team members or MedHub users within your institution. Our expertly-curated library of on-demand, role-specific training ensures you and your medical education program or institution get the most out of your MedHub software platform.

Robust training modules for Medical Educators

  • Receive consistent, scalable training for all your users
  • Improve teammember onboarding through accessible training for new administrators, coordinators, and staff
  • Ensure easy adoption with Quick Start Guides
  • Optimize effectiveness of MedHub across your programs and institutions
  • Save time on orientation with a virtual overview of MedHub for new students, residents and faculty
  • Empower advanced learning of APE, Accreditation Management, and Institutional Oversight

Included in your first year with MedHub with the opportunity for ongoing subscription renewal.

Medical student sitting in chair with laptop balanced on her knee

Interactive on-demand training modules optimize your team's MedHub adoption, utilization, and reporting

Scalable and efficient for optimal outcomes

  • Flexible
    • Any time, anywhere access seamlessly integrated into your onboarding process.
  • Data-driven
    • Reporting at the individual and institutional level to quickly measure compliance, progress, and expertise.
  • Interactive and Immersive
    • Realistic scenario-based learning modules with embedded knowledge checks.
  • Incentivized
    • Mobile- and desktop-friendly lessons encourage users to learn when it works for them

Learning Portal+

MedHub is more than software, our team of experts will help you get the most from your Learning Portal. A GME Consultant will:

  • Partner with you to interpret your needs and develop a plan for success;
  • Help you navigate deployment, usage, and best practices;
  • Support your team during planning, roll out, and beyond.



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