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"I can’t overstate the value of MedHub to a large and complex health care system like ours.  From our first interactions during the RFP process, through installment and training, and on into our current day-to-day usage, MedHub has been an extraordinary value; we can only see that value growing as time goes on.  We’re glad to have MedHub as our partner!"

Cynthia Geyer

Administrative Director, Graduate Medical Education

Assistant Director, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
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MedHub is a best-in-class, enterprise-only, medical education management solution developed to enhance institutional oversight, improve outcomes, reduce redundant administrative effort and mitigate institutional risk and  liability. MedHub uses a logical, novel and intuitive workflow process to manage many critical business functions that drive program and institutional accreditation, physician training, Medicare reimbursement, affiliated institutional billing and many other tasks.

MedHub was specifically designed for the extremely demanding requirements of large complex teaching hospitals with many training programs, hundreds of trainees, multiple affiliates and multiple Medicare cost reports. The MedHub system is responsible for managing over $2.5 billion in at-risk Medicare/CMS reimbursement dollars for its client institutions.

Complex administrative tasks elegantly move across disparate stakeholder groups through intelligent workflow. Alerts, rules, reminders and system logic ensure tasks are addressed efficiently with little or no redundant effort. Multiple levels of error-checking enhance data quality by preventing missing, duplicated or conflicting data. The result is a robust, flexible and intuitive system that promotes cooperation among those using it. The return is less administrative effort, higher quality data and improved audit response.

In the past five years, over 75% of current MedHub clients have switched from another RMS to MedHub. MedHub has rapidly established itself as the leading medical education management system for large complex academic teaching hospitals.

Our system introduction approach is very low-key and discreet. Contact us to request a live demonstration of MedHub or to receive additional information.


Undergraduate Medical Education
Graduate Medical Education
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Recent News

The University of Alabama School of Medicine switches to MedHub
For enterprise deployment across all residency/fellowship programs.

Save the date - 2014 MedHub GME Users Conference
September 15th & 16th - Seattle, Washington

New York Presbyterian Columbia/Cornell Medical Center
NYC, switches to MedHub

For enterprise deployment across all residency/fellowship programs at Columbia and Cornell campuses, GME and Finance.

MedHub Highlights 2013 Releases v10.1, 10.2 & 11.0
MedHub has a demonstrated track record of aggressively responding to the needs of our clients. We are constantly working to improve and refine our system. We annually release three enhanced versions to address the ever-evolving needs of our users.

MedHub awarded Spark FastTrack growth award for 5th straight year.
MedHub awarded Spark FastTrack award for 5th straight year.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center switches to MedHub
CCHMC switches to MedHub enterprise-wide for GME trainees.

MedHub Announces speakers for its 3rd annual GME conference
Speakers slated to cover a variety of topics related to GME and innovation in education.

Case Studies
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center not only needed a comprehensive enterprise residency management system, it needed a complex internal billing process built-in to handle funding, budgeting and college to hospital to residency program billing and reconciliation functions. Quite different frrom 'garden variety' affiliated institutional billing functionality.