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You are training future healthcare professionals whose careers will impact the health of our communities. At MedHub, we know that this is no small feat. You need a partner that makes program administration efficient and effective. MedHub has the experience and the tools to streamline your program administration, so you can focus on educating.

Optimizing Healthcare Education

Administrative work is inherent to healthcare education program management. But, what if we told you that the burden and bottlenecks could be relieved by simply implementing one software tool?

At MedHub, many of our experts have been in your place. We know your program is at its best when you can focus your energy on educating, yet still feel confident in your processes.

Our MedHub and eValue by MedHub software solutions are designed and continually enhanced to enable exactly that...and more. Streamlined program administration, optimized data management, and increased institutional oversight are just a few of these benefits.

At MedHub, your program's success is our priority. Our tenured support team, expert consultants, and proven software solutions will streamline your processes, and propel you and your team to new heights.

Improve Board Exam Preparedness with BoardVitals

Data-driven insights into curriculum effectiveness for learners and leaders

As part of our shared commitment to continually improve physicians' preparedness, together we are breaking down barriers between curriculum effectiveness and standardized exam preparedness and outcomes, to arm you and your faculty with intuitive reporting and data-driven analytics providing a full view of preparedness at the learner, program, and institutional level.  

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Streamlined Program Management

Redundancy and inefficiencies have huge impacts on your program resources, which underscores the importance of one single-source-of-truth and accurate, actionable reporting.

We help programs consolidate administrative touch points, curriculum, coursework, scheduling, assessments, site management, task distribution, and other resources into one hub.

Data-Driven Processes

Data is at the center of what you do. Between managing schedules, collecting evaluations, and managing accreditation and regulatory compliance there are thousands of data points flowing through your program.

Losing track of program data has real impacts for individuals and accreditation. By consolidating your program information and analytics in one place, you can easily manage workflows and accreditation requirements, view educational outcomes at the individual and aggregate levels, and make informed decisions to optimize program operations.

MedHub works with you to understand your data ecosystem and craft a solution that promotes effective data flows to the right people at the right time.

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An Invested Partner

Healthcare education programs have unique and complex needs. At MedHub, our team is dedicated to understanding your program, your data and student or resident population, and your goals. Our solutions extend beyond the software platform, with industry-leading expertise and a team passionate about your mission.

We're committed to taking the time to understand your program and provide an optimal solution for you – just as we have for hundreds of healthcare education institutions and programs throughout the globe.

Industry-Focused Innovation

In an ever-evolving industry, you need a partner that grows with you. We are invested in ongoing system enhancement and evolution.

Our product development process focuses on creating and delivering a robust roadmap of features and functionality that support your day-to-day operations, allow you to better understand and improve program performance, and support regulatory and accreditation changes.

We know the best innovation involves collaboration - our clients are actively involved in the testing and rollout of new features to ensure we’re meeting the needs of programs and end users.

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