Accreditation Automation

17 May, 2016

Reduce administrative burden and increase accuracy by leveraging automated accreditation workflows that pull data directly from MedHub.


  • Customize a dynamic APE form for programs to complete.
  • Set thresholds to inform annual program reviews and identify lagging programs for special reviews.
  • Manage and track CLER visits, including visit reports issues and actions..
  • Monitor all programs through customizable dashboards and program scorecards.
  • Directly import ACGME survey results for inclusion in program scorecards.
  • Monitor program policy expirations.
  • Track program submitted requests and correspondence.
  • Receive automated alerts for accreditation tasks.


  • Automated laborious data collection through automated APE forms.
  • Import faculty and trainee scholarly activities automatically through a PubMed interface.
  • View how the GME office is reviewing your program annually.
  • Compare your program against national and institutional trends.
  • Generate ADS formatted reports.
  • Receive automated alerts for accreditation tasks.