We are MedHub

A Company Synonymous with Results.

E*Value & MedHub are Now One Company

Our newly combined company operates as MedHub, and our product suite includes both the MedHub and E*Value healthcare education management solutions. With more than 600 clients across 5 countries, comprised of more than 160K students & trainees, we are 100% committed to empowering the best academic institutions to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Customer Driven Innovation

We are committed to ongoing system improvement and evolution. MedHub clients get a seat at the innovation table - we release upgrades and new functionality regularly, much of which is based on recommendations from our current clients. And, thanks to our financial structure, we are free to focus on ongoing research and development without distraction.

MedHub's History



E*Value Launches

Two decades ago, the E*Value platform and Client Services Team began serving the program and enterprise-level needs of healthcare education institutions. The beginning of a story which is built on innovation, growth, passion, and amazing client partnerships.



MedHub Launches

In 2003, MedHub developed an enterprise-only system that addressed the complex interactions among The University of Michigan Health System’s more than 90 residency programs. It was a new, different, and better way of doing business, and the positive word of mouth spread quickly.



E*Value Joins Ascend Learning

E*Value is acquired by Ascend Learning – provider of technology-based educational, curriculum and assessment solutions for healthcare and other professional industries.


E*Value & MedHub Join Forces

In November of 2015, we combined our strengths. Our product suite includes the MedHub and E*Value healthcare education management solutions -today we support more than 160K students & trainees and over 198K faculty users every day.


MedHub Joins Ascend Learning

In January 2015, Ascend Learning acquired MedHub to merge with E*Value as part of a commitment to invest in, and deliver, transformative solutions to academic healthcare institutions.

The Right Solution For Your Institution

Thinking about switching to a new system? Now that you've learned about us, we'd like to get to know you. Contact us today to find out how your program or institution can work smarter with MedHub.