Evaluator Scorecards

13 July, 2016

Improve experiential learning outcomes with performance driven educator management.

Easily create, distribute via email and compare scorecards by a specific site, course or customized educator grouping.

  • Compare individual educator performance against their peer average
  • Provide feedback to educators through individual comments
  • Compare trending performance by saving scorecards templates

Create custom Scorecards by selecting from more than 12 different data elements, including:

  • Scoring Basis
  • Evaluation response time & completion rates
  • Coursework Completion
  • Number of rotations & time spent with students
  • Educator rank and performance

Streamline the collection and distribution of clinical program quality performance data.

  • Quickly aggregate data to measure your clinical education program quality
  • Compare educator performance and identify peer averages
  • Export scorecard report data to .XLS for further, customized analysis