Integrated Processess

Medical Education
Management Redefined

By taking an Enterprise-Only approach to managing medical education, you can gain unprecedented transparency into your programs.

A Much
Different System,
An Equally

With many business processes managed by the same system, you can tightly unify common tasks among and across training programs, GME, UME, Finance, IT and clinical stakeholders.

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Increased Institutional Oversight

With MedHub’s unique approach, GME leadership assumes a complete oversight role with a perspective to ensure compliance is current and institutional risk is mitigated.

Reduced Internal Spending

Cost is reduced across the enterprise as internal systems are replaced with MedHub’s deep and rich feature set. MedHub support handles all client training and support issues.

Increased Audit Response

Integrated stakeholder groups with highly detailed scheduling routines and workflow lead to streamlined audit response for fiscal intermediaries seeking to audit the IRIS portion of the cost report.

Reduced New Hire Onboarding

By having a single, unified system across your entire enterprise, the new employee training process and user system acceptance is greatly increased for all levels of your organization.

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