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The MedHub business process is unique in the way it organizes and distributes information among different stakeholders to promote effective communication.

Mission Control
for Your

MedHub targets specific data and tasks to specific users based upon linear workflow. Information moves from stakeholder to stakeholder as MedHub ensures critical tasks are addressed and completed through intelligent event-triggered alerts and reminders. The result is streamlined data collection that produces significantly enhanced outcome levels and improved data accuracy through enhanced visibility.

Timely Affiliate Billing

MedHub’s Where-Worked Reimbursement process gathers rotations, shifts, clinics and absences from all programs and seamlessly feeds them into the finance module of MedHub. This detail enables frictionless and justifiable affiliate billing for more timely payments.

Reduced Administrative Efforts

With MedHub’s Intelligent Workflow, your administrative tasks are streamlined across stakeholder groups. This decreases redundant and manual efforts of coordinators and GME users and allows your institution to re-allocate valuable employees to other tasks.

Trustworthy Data

Integrations with other institutional systems reduce the number of areas duplicate data needs to be entered, centralized processes limit the number of people who need to touch data, ultimately ensuring that you are overseeing data that requires little clean-up.

Increased Task Completion

Tasks are passed seamlessly between stakeholders and put in the right hands and the right time. Coupled with centralized visibility to all task completion, clients that have switched from other systems have seen a 41% increase in task completion compliance.

The Right Data at the Right Time

MedHub’s communication interface virtually guarantees all stakeholders are in possession of the right data at the right time through a systematic process that mandates regular communication among groups without being obtrusive. The secret? MedHub workflow is linear, intuitive and flexible.

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