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MedHub has consistently been rated as easy and intuitive to use from all of our users across programs and GME offices alike. Read on to see how you can start enjoying compliance again.

Start Enjoying

MedHub’s predictable yet flexible interface allows tasks to be identified and completed quickly.

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Guided Workflow

Task completion has never been so easy. MedHub helps guide user workflow by identifying tasks to be completed immediately, tasks that are commonly completed by each role, and extended tasks that are completed infrequently.

Comprehensive Task Wizards

The most complex tasks require a helping hand. MedHub has dozens of tasks wizards that guide users through a step-by-step process to automate complex workflows.

Logical Organization

When you open an area in MedHub, all tasks that can be completed for each user type are intuitively organized to guide users to the needed function.

Flexibility to Customize

You can customize MedHub to further streamline the user experience through a plethora of settings, preferences, institutional branding or Single Sign-On.

Shared Content

You shouldn’t always have to start from scratch. MedHub allows all clients to share content including evaluation forms, learning modules, tests and document templates.

Robust Reporting

MedHub’s reporting engine allows users to run detailed analytics across their programs through simulated reports, saved reports and shared reports.

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