An evaluation power-duo

MedHub and myTIPreport integration

Streamline your processes with real-time residency evaluation and feedback capabilities

Reduce administrative burden and improve timeliness of feedback through an integrated solution

Feedback is an important, yet required, tool in a Graduate Medical Education (GME) trainee’s, or resident's, competency and skill development. But finding time for educators to provide meaningful, thorough feedback can sometimes be challenging with clinicians’ jam-packed schedules.

That’s why MedHub and myTIPreport have partnered together in continued pursuit to reduce barriers that impact the education of future healthcare professionals. By combining myTIPreport’s solution for capturing interactive, real-time feedback between educators and learners with your MedHub data and reports, both trainees and educators receive valued time back in their schedules.

What is myTIPreport?

myTIPreport is a quick and convenient solution for capturing, sharing, and reviewing formative feedback for medical learners. It was created by Taylor Lafrinere, a software developer whose wife, a physician, had been manually inputting feedback. Taylor saw this unnecessarily laborious task consuming his wife’s time and knew there had to be a better way. So, he created one.

It started with a pilot group of 50 institutions. Now, over 250 programs use myTIPreport to:

  • Increase evaluation completion rate
  • Improve their feedback system
  • Implement a system that requires minimal setup with minimal training
  • Improve collaboration and encourage engagement between supervisors and trainees

myTIPreport makes capturing feedback simple. Instead of tedious paper forms that need to be manually submitted, myTIPreport captures on-site, real-time feedback between educators and learners online or through a mobile app. It gamifies the experience to increase participation and serves tailored reports to learners that identify key areas for focus.

Essentially, myTIPreport transforms something often done merely to “check a box” into a meaningful learning tool that’s rewarding for the educator, the student, and the program director.

Many MedHub users use myTIPreport to enhance their feedback and evaluation system. Combining MedHub with myTIPreport—two complementary solutions—has many advantages for medical schools, residencies, and fellowships.

Why integrate myTIPreport with MedHub?

GME institutions and programs often count on MedHub as their “source of truth” and require all evaluation data to eventually be stored in the software platform. By integrating myTIPreport with MedHub, you receive the feedback-tracking power of myTIPreport while still housing all the feedback in MedHub, the heart of your GME data.

Through the integration, you can meet GME requirements more efficiently because:

  • Transferring evaluation data from myTIPreport to MedHub is fast and seamless
  • Importing users from MedHub instead of manually entering them in myTIPreport takes seconds instead of hours

It’s easy to leverage myTIPreport as a MedHub user, and those who do are improving engagement and capturing more evaluations.

“The two solutions together provide a powerful way to supercharge evaluations and reporting.” - Matt McKim, Sr. Director of Product Management, MedHub

How to get startedHow to configure MedHub in myTIPreport

If you’re an existing myTIPreport user, integrating with MedHub is as simple as switching a toggle in an administrator’s account, and following the step-by-step on-screen instructions.

Access detailed instructions.

If you’re a MedHub user, but are not yet taking advantage of the robust real-time feedback features of myTIPreport, learn more and start your free trial at