PxDx Mobile Site

17 November, 2015

Improved user interface and mobile workflows for students logging patient encounters with the E*Value PxDx Case Logger.

As the use of mobile devices in educational settings at-large has steadily increased in recent years, a growing number of our clients have reported that they were allowing students to use their devices while participating in clinical activities provided that the student got the OK from their supervising clinical instructor.

With this growth in acceptance, the proliferation of reliable internet access at clinical sites, including those in rural areas, and the advancement of available mobile browsing technology we recognized an opportunity to greatly improve the student experience using PxDx Case Logger, one of our most mobile-appropriate tools. 

Some of the highlights of the new mobile site include:

  • A complete renovation of the mobile landing page, setting the stage for possible future enhancements of Time Tracking, Evaluations and Coursework mobile functionality
  • A revision of the tab-style approach of the on-line interface set to reduce up/down scrolling
  • Responsive page design that automatically adjusts itself for the screen size that is viewing the page
  • A darker page design to provide higher contrast for Accessibility compliance and to help conserve mobile battery life
  • An improved Review screen with quick routing to correct any data entry errors

No action is required of you or your users to begin using the mobile site, they will simply be re-routed automatically.