Financial Consulting

Outsource your institution’s financial reporting to receive MedHub’s comprehensive expertise without the additional workload.

Why Outsource Your Financial Processes with Medhub?

It is often difficult for GME Offices to juggle all of the educational aspects of residency programs in conjunction with the financial aspects. GME Offices and hospitals typically do not have an individual who can focus on this one critical area of reimbursement, resulting in potentially missed FTEs or incorrect reimbursement.

Often GME Offices do not know all of the latest reimbursement or audit possibilities, and in turn, hospital finance departments do not know all of the GME educational aspects. Our MedHub financial consulting team can help fill the gaps between GME and finance, to free up your team for the work they do best.


Extensive GME & Finance Expertise


Ensure Data Accuracy


Receive Full Reimbursement

Our challenge was providing finance with reports to reconcile FY regarding resident time at other institutions. With financial consulting from MedHub, the finance office was able to reconcile FY2016 vis-à-vis resident salaries being reimbursed to URMS.
Diane Roney
Reimbursement Analyst | University of Rochester Medical Center


GME Offices or hospitals that elect to outsource their residency financial reporting to MedHub receive the following services to determine data accuracy and ensure that full reimbursement is received for the Provider(s):

  • All active programs reviewed to ensure correct accreditation status per  accrediting board & Medicare rules & regulations.
  • Ensure Dental, Podiatric & special circumstances are setup appropriately to be claimed over the Provider’s CAP.
  • Review Medicare-eligible programs for correct care type, Primary or Specialty.
  • Current trainee headcount obtained for all Medicare-eligible trainees.
  • All rotating sites reviewed for correct provider/reimbursement setup.
  • List of sites with current Affiliation Agreements needed for review.
  • Obtain previous year Medicare report for review and comparison against current information.
  • Review Simultaneous Match trainees for appropriate IRP (Initial Residency Program) indicator.
  • Ensure that paid orientation time occurring within the hospital is claimed.
  • Determine best setup for Research Year trainees depending on Provider CAP status.
  • Address leave of absence that extends training for appropriate setup to maximized Unweighted DME time.
  • Address leave of absence that does not extend training, as well as Vacation, Sick, etc. for appropriate reimbursement setup.
  • Determine where & how often Didactic time is occurring for correct  reimbursement setup.
  • Obtain current organizational flow chart for time-lines & role responsibilities regarding input of financial information, from user, activity & schedule entry to final finance report completion.
  • Ensure all Audit Summary warning items are addressed accurately & completely.
  • Inform clients of any remaining Audit informational items that could impact FTE output  or surface as an audit item in the future.