Maximize Reimbursement with GME Finance Consulting Expertise

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Are you leaving Graduate Medical Education reimbursement dollars on the table?

Having efficient, accurate reporting processes helps ensure you receive correct reimbursements, which has real fiscal impacts on your programs and institutions. But how do you keep up with the evolving regulations and maximize efficiencies with affiliates with limited time and staffing?

MedHub can provide you with a trusted resource to work toward optimal reimbursement outcomes. Our GME Finance Consultants, a team with a combined 72 years of industry experience, are prepared to help you understand regulatory requirements and improve reporting accuracy that will keep critical funds with your institution.

Save valuable time on reporting

Preparing, reviewing, and updating files to claim Medicare funding requires an extensive amount of time. Whether your program has a full department or an individual dedicated to finances, it is consistently challenging to remain knowledgeable on ever-changing CMS requirements, IRIS reporting, CGI/CMS rules and regulations, and VA EARS and billing. These highly complex reports demand precision and any errors of over or under-claiming can result in decreased reimbursement for your institution.

Leverage MedHub’s finance consulting team and expertise to reinforce your team’s administrative capacity.

Our team of GME Finance Consultants can:

Review the following areas:

      • Program information against ACGME, ADA, CPME, CMS
      • Cost report and site lists for possible over or under-claiming
      • Biographic data
      • Training histories
      • Analyze areas for potential improvement
      • Discuss factors to consider when setting up your system for your financial goals and review features of the platform’s financial components.
      • Offer recommendations on finance components/settings for your needs

Your GME Finance Consultant is committed to listening to your needs and goals, understanding your current state, and providing you with the analysis to make decisions that help you achieve better reporting and reimbursement outcomes.

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Long-term support for your goals

Beyond an initial consulting engagement, MedHub GME Finance Consultants can provide additional expertise for your reporting and/or billing processes. Additional services include:

  • Demographic Clean-up
  • Site Specific Clean-up
  • Activity Clean-up
  • Cost Center Set-up
  • IRIS Clean-up
  • IRIS FTE Comparison
  • Billing Set-up
  • Billing Clean-up
  • Finance Training
  • Finance Professional Services

Ready to learn how MedHub can help you optimize your financial systems?

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