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Brenau University Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Programs streamline clinical education and fieldwork process with eValue

A private, not-for-profit, comprehensive university known for health sciences, Brenau University develops physical and occupational therapy clinical practitioners to serve, lead and inspire healthy lifestyles. Both professional health care master’s- and doctoral-level programs use eValue to keep track of evaluations and manage sites and affiliations, scheduling, immunizations and certificates. The physical therapy program also uses eValue to support its journey through the accreditation process.

Doing away with paper and streamlining processes

Faced with the inability to make sense of an archaic filing system created by individuals who are no longer affiliated with the university, Brenau replaced the paper-based system with eValue’s Health Sciences Education software. The exchange enables the physical and occupational therapy programs to streamline the entire clinical education and fieldwork process.

eValue’s all-in-one solution manages vast amounts of critical information easily and efficiently. Creating order and real-time access to information, eValue simplified processes that often drained Brenau educators and administrators of valuable time and resources. They abandoned file cabinets and welcomed with open arms a centralized electronic system that makes it easy for program administrators to find valuable information. This time saver sharpens educator and administrator focus on students instead of paperwork, which enhances the students’ educational experience.

eValue also streamlined communication between students and clinical instructors. The system notifies students when immunizations and certificates are needed or about to expire and notifies clinical instructors when evaluations are due. In simple-to-track student affiliation agreements, users can easily define affiliation contracts, administrators, notes and sites that such agreements comprise. Automated email alerts signal administrators when any contract or affiliation agreement is due for renewal.

Working through the accreditation process

In addition to streamlining administrative operations, eValue improves the accreditation process for Brenau physical therapy, which enrolled its first students in 2015. eValue enables the administrator to easily collect, organize and report on data needed for the process, including that related to student, educator and site performance. With that information, the university can demonstrate with the required supporting documentation that it meets performance expectations.


With a new program coming on board, MedHub’s eValue implementation manager thoroughly researched Brenau physical therapy needs and requirements and created a plan paced with the speed dictated by the university. As a result, Brenau Physical Therapy eValue Administrator Tiffany Wilson was able to test out the full functionality and capabilities of eValue’s Health Sciences Education software with assistance from someone who could immediately answer questions and address concerns.

“Our eValue implementation manager was amazing,” said Wilson, who is the clinical education specialist for the Brenau physical therapy doctoral program. “She was patient and took the time to show us the full extent of the system’s capabilities including MyFolio, which has really helped our instructors tap into individual learning styles in order to optimize face time with students. It’s really made our lives so much easier.”