The Learning Portal: An Efficient and Effective MedHub Training Solution

medhub | January 30, 2021

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The Learning Portal: An Efficient and Effective MedHub Training Solution

MedHub’s healthcare education management solutions empower you to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals. Although users at all levels enjoy how easy and intuitive MedHub is to use, there is still a need for training, onboarding new faculty and staff, and orientation activities for students and residents. We’re excited to share a resource that will help you maximize your training efforts and gain valuable time back in your schedule. Enter, MedHub’s Learning Portal.


What is the Learning Portal?

The Learning Portal is MedHub’s interactive learning management system that gives MedHub users a robust set of training tools at their fingertips. Created in collaboration with industry experts, this on-demand, self-paced digital resource can help you with MedHub deployment, adoption, utilization, competency, and competency reporting.

In an environment with busy schedules, competing priorities, and new cohorts of students or residents to onboard throughout the year, it can be challenging to coordinate schedules, plan face-to-face training sessions and new user orientations, and track who’s completed what. Perhaps you had a system in place that was working, but now must shift to online training due to safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The Learning Portal provides a consistent, scalable online solution that makes MedHub training and orientation one of the easiest tasks on your to-do list.

How the Learning Portal Works

The Learning Portal provides interactive learning content for training new MedHub administrators, coordinators, and office staff. It also has a virtual overview of MedHub to be used for orientation for new students, residents, and faculty.

Coursework in the Learning Portal is assigned based on the user’s role. The interactive and immersive learning content is available online and on-demand, and can be accessed via desktop or mobile device.

Learning Portal Overview Page

Interactive simulations and activities guide users through completing a task

As users complete tasks in the Learning Portal, they receive immediate feedback. Assignments and knowledge checks throughout the process keep them on-track and motivated. These results are also shared in your institution’s reporting to give visibility into individual and team progress and competency.

Scenario-based knowledge checks place users in realistic scenarios to solve a problem

Users can earn badges by completing coursework, empowering them to prove their MedHub competency to others outside of their organization

Benefits of Using the Learning Portal

The Learning Portal saves time compared to traditional, in-person training. Live training sessions and orientations have largely been put on hold due to safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Learning Portal is an online solution that is both efficient and effective: 88% of users report that they are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the experience.

88% of users report that they are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the Learning Portal

Below are key benefits of using the Learning Portal as your MedHub training and orientation solution.

Increased Engagement

The Learning Portal content is interactive and immersive, using realistic scenario-based learning. Users love that they get immediate feedback, and administrators appreciate the graded assignments and knowledge checks that measure progress and knowledge retention.

Improved Efficiencies

The Learning Portal empowers users to train when they want, where they want, and at their own pace. This saves valuable office time, makes onboarding new team members easier, and offers greater flexibility than a traditional in-person training.

Improved Effectiveness of MedHub

Providing a consistent training experience to everyone in your organization helps you make the most of MedHub. You can ensure there is widespread competency, and that everyone is utilizing MedHub features that best serve your institution.

A Scalable Solution

In-person training can be hard to scale. When there’s a new team member, they have to wait until there’s another training scheduled to get up to speed, or get a quick and inconsistent version from an administrator or colleague. In the Learning Portal, new users can start any time—a huge benefit to large organizations or those navigating staffing changes.

Easy Adoption

The Learning Portal is integrated into the MedHub platform for easy access to coursework and includes Quick Start Guides that allow for easy adoption. Plus, GME Consulting can help you navigate the deployment, usage, and best practices as you roll out the Learning Portal to your organization.

“I like that the videos were short. The graphics were easy to follow. The speaker spoke at an excellent rate and tone.” – MedHub Client and Learning Portal user

Consistent Training

The Learning Portal enhances the ability of your programs administrative support team, program directors, and mentors to gain insight into the overall performance of residents and fellows and improve the quality of training programs by giving them consistent training of the MedHub system for all users.

Data-Driven Insights

Individual and institutional reporting on progress provides valuable visibility into MedHub user competency and training progress. You’ll get to insights into how people are using the system, what’s been completed, and how well they are retaining the information.

Configurable Reports: This robust reporting tracks key measures for institutional leadership and allows for advanced sorting and exporting

Gradebook: Allows institutional leadership the ability to track compliance and competency across their organization

Experience the Learning Portal

Ready to explore how the Learning Portal can help empower your faculty, staff, residents, and students? Learn more at and request a demo to see it in action.