A New Approach to University
& Clinical Alignment

Truly Integrated
Medical Education

MedHub’s unique approach to UME-GME integration leverages common shared tasks and stakeholders across the educational continuum to drive better management of both.

From Pre-Med
to MD

MedHub targets specific data and tasks to specific users based upon linear workflow. Information moves from stakeholder to stakeholder as MedHub ensures critical tasks are addressed and completed through intelligent event-triggered alerts and reminders. The result is streamlined data collection that produces significantly enhanced outcome levels and improved data accuracy through enhanced visibility.

Share Faculty

With an integrated system, all of your core faculty and attendings have a single place to log in for a full picture of the evaluations that they need to complete. Clients moving to MedHub see an average 32% reduction in time it takes for faculty to complete evaluations.

Automate Evaluations

MedHub’s Intelligent Workflow enables the automatic matching of evaluation delivery between Undergraduate and Graduate courses and programs. The result is dramatically reduced manual effort to assign evaluations across both.

Simplify Scheduling

With an integrated scheduling platform, you can provide visibility to GME coordinators of which students are available for schedule assignment. This results in less coordination outside of the system and more time spent on high-value tasks.

Align Processes

With integrated processes, tasks are passed seamlessly between stakeholders and put in the right hands at the right time. Coupled with centralized visibility to all task completion, clients that have switched to MedHub have seen a 41% increase in task completion.

Transition Matriculants

On average, 15% of MedHub medical students matriculate to residency at the same institution. With MedHub’s robust task wizards, you can quickly convert profiles and historical data from student to resident, for a full view of performance across the continuum.

Foster Collaboration

Consistently communicate business practices and processes to all stakeholders through a single unified educational platform. This leads to more effective on-boarding of administrative users in a high turnover administrative environment.

It's Time to Remove the Silos

MedHub’s communication interface virtually guarantees all stakeholders are in possession of the right data at the right time through a systematic process that mandates regular communication among groups without being obtrusive. The secret? MedHub workflow is linear, intuitive and flexible.

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