E*Value Overview & Features

Designed to simplify the administration of healthcare education, the E*Value system streamlines curriculum, coursework, scheduling, assessments, site management and more, with an all-in-one solution that helps you manage a vast amount of critical information easily and efficiently.

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Learn about the latest features and enhancements to the E*Value product.


E*Value Features

Management processes should advance education, not get in its way. E*Value helps students, educators and administrators pull together to support tomorrow’s healthcare providers.


Program Administration

Streamline administrative functions with E*Value’s Program Management tool, with features to manage:

  • Targeted User Communications
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Document Storage
  • Site & Affiliation Management
  • Automated Letters of Good Standing
  • GME Finance
  • GME Accreditation

Key Components

Curriculum Mapping

The new E*Value Curriculum Mapping solution is aligned with AAMC and MedBiquitous standards and features an XML file upload to the AAMC’s Curriculum Inventory and Reports (CIR).

E*Value Curriculum Mapping is the result of years of collaboration with both medical school clients and the Curriculum Inventory Working Group, and includes:

  • Set-up wizards
  • Pre-built settings and content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Improved system work flow within the rest of E*Value

From curriculum design and management, to reporting and CIR integration, E*Value Curriculum Mapping does it all.

In Depth Features:

  • Permissions to easily determine which roles are allowed to create mappings.
  • Standardized Instructional and Assessment Methods with option to utilize pre-built AAMC content.
  • Learning resources utilized from our standards list (real patient, simulated patient, printed materials).
  • Manage components (also known as objectives or competencies) by assigning to types and groups, sorting component lists by name, type, status, and adding detail using a user-friendly text editor.
  • Easily link components to the program, course, or session level from within the Curriculum Mapping component to Course or Session Management component, or vice versa.
  • Managed documents by uploading and storing syllabi to Courses, and teaching materials to Sessions.
  • Easily filter and pivot data sets, and generate useful reports in HTML or export to Excel.
  • Link your program-level components to one or more references within the Physician Competency Reference Set (PCRS).

Site & Affiliation Management

The E*Value Sites and Affiliations solution simplifies the management of multiple clinical or experiential sites across a geographically dispersed area.


Keeping track of pertinent site details such as contact information, housing options or the type of site can be challenging. E*Value offers clients the ability to build their site database with the details they need, and access that information easily. E*Value’s Site Requirement Management solution allows a program to automate the process of verifying a trainee’s eligibility to participate in rotations and automatically generate a Letter of Good Standing that verifies a trainee meets the requirements necessary to participate in learning activities at a specific clinical site.


This component makes managing contracts and affiliation agreements easy. Users can easily define the affiliation contracts administrator, notes, and the sites that comprise the agreement. Automated emails will alert administrators when a contract or affiliation agreement is due to be renewed.


  • Integrated geographic web mapping – students can see physical sites and cross streets
  • Reporting on site agreements, management and affiliation agreements for accreditation
  • Automated notices and reminders for affiliation agreements and renewals
  • Ability to manage and store corporate and global agreements
  • Integrated scheduling and site management information for critical reporting needs
  • Identify the specific requirements for each clinical site in E*Value
  • Automatically verify a trainee’s eligibility to participate in rotations at a specific site
  • Ensure compliance with contractual obligations
  • Program coordinators can automatically generate a trainee’s Letter of Good Standing by populating a pre-defined template with data that is collected and/or stored in E*Value.
  • Site coordinators have real-time access to the status & verification of trainees scheduled to rotate at their clinical site.
  • Ability to communicate with students via this tool
  • Custom fields and custom reporting
  • Survey and documentation of site visits
  • Linkage between educators, courses/ rotations/activities and site for easy reporting and identification

User Management

Oversee trainee and faculty management in one centralized tool, including features for:

  • Trainee Onboarding
  • Portfolios

Key Components

Trainee Onboarding

Track the immunization and certification records for students based on site or agency requirements.


E*Value Personal Records feature offers a user-friendly interface to manage student health records and clinical site requirements. The configurable cloud-based application was designed to reduce time currently spent collecting student’s health records, monitoring supporting documentation and overall compliance of requirements.

The E*Value Biographic Database is included with this feature, which you can use to manage data, and schedule reminders and demographic reports, in addition to your immunization & certification data.


  • Configurable Requirements by Program or Site
  • MMR, TD/Tdap, Hepatitis B
  • Meningitis, Influenza
  • Background Checks, Drug Screens
  • Insurance, Health History Forms
  • State Licensure for Educators
  • Clinical Site Requirements
  • Supporting Documentation


  • Eliminate Paper & Excel Spreadsheets
  • Automate Notifications & Expiration
  • Reminders
  • Easily Verify & Audit Existing Data
  • Identify Missing or Insufficient Items
  • Rely on Included Implementation &
  • Support
  • Maintain Confidentiality


Create electronic portfolios to collect a wide range of student performance data for review with mentors.

E*Value’s Portfolios management feature enables students to showcase their accomplishments with simple administrative oversight.

Students are demanding online solutions that are easily accessible and will highlight their sucess in school. Whether you are keeping up with accreditation standards, or you want to provide your students an organized collection of their experiences upon graduation – Portfolios is the solution.

Help your students stay organized and prepare for the real world.

The integration between Portfolios and the rest of E*Value means that activities and achievements recorded elsewhere in E*Value can be set up to automatically populate students’ portfolios. Students can then add to those activities, forming a centralized database of their accomplishments. With the documentation that students manage in Portfolios, they will be prepared for college admissions, internships and job applications.

  • Scholarships & Awards
  • Writing Samples
  • Academic History
  • Patient Interviews
  • Publications
  • Reflective Journals
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Test & Exam History
  • Supervisor Feedback
  • Self Assessments
  • External Links
  • Technical Skills
  • Transcripts


Generate evaluations and assessment forms for students, educators, site rotations, and courses.

Key Components

Evaluations offers more than the simple scale-based questions and comments fields that come with most online survey tools. By developing a more sophisticated approach towards collecting and analyzing evaluation data in E*Value, our clients save time with easy access to robust reports for enhanced student, faculty and program evaluation, as well as support for grading and upcoming site visits.

Evaluations is highly configurable, enabling clients to use their own forms, fields, grading rubrics and more. In addition, E*Value comes with these assessment features:

  • Configurable Anonymity Settings
  • Automated Reminder Notifications
  • Auto-login URLs
  • Auto-Save and Auto Scroll Features
  • Missing Data Error/Spell-Checking Error
  • Mobile Accessible
  • Pre-populated Forms
  • Calculations
  • Question Weighting
  • Multiple Subject Forms
  • Easy Review/Release of Completed Evaluations
  • Low Score Notifications
  • Reciprocity Rules

Educator Scorecards

Improve experiential learning outcomes with performance driven Educator Scorecards.

  • Quickly generate customized scorecards based on the metrics that matter most to your program.
  • Compare the performance of educators based on their site, course, or customized grouping.
  • Easily distribute individual scorecards via email directly from E*Value.

Outcomes Tagging

Tag your school’s educational outcomes to your learner’s evaluations questions with E*Value’s Outcomes Tagging feature.

  • Tag CAPE Outcomes or other rubrics to scale evaluation questions for preceptor assessment.
  • Report on longitudinal student progress against outcomes.
  • Review cohort aggregate performance for all outcomes.


All of the tools necessary to build, manage, and report on scheduled activities and evaluations of lectures, labs, and small groups.

Key Components

Schedule Optimization

E*Value Optimization Scheduling (EVOS) optimizes your clinical site assignments using proprietary optimization algorithms. The EVOS process provides the statistically most  satisfying schedule for students, preceptors and faculty.

EVOS gives you unparalleled insight into your site availability needs and control over fulfilling site requirements.

Scheduling Optimization

Benefits of using EVOS:

  • Improved automated course and rotation scheduling process
  • Less manual maintenance
  • Higher student satisfaction rates
  • Ability to track course, site and educator availability
  • Higher completion of program requirements
  • Ability to set up custom rules and geography settings

Higher satisfaction level for students, faculty, and program administration.

We use a mathematical programming model to simultaneously account for and satisfy the overwhelming number of variables that goes into creating a schedule.

Unlike a lottery scheduling tool that assigns a random order to a student’s preferences and creates their schedule – EVOS creates a schedule that satisfies the curricular requirements, availability, program rules and student preferences you’ve provided as guidelines.

EVOS is a secure online scheduling solution designed to enhance and streamline the entire course and rotation scheduling process.

Sessions & Conferences

Sessions & Conferences helps administrators efficiently schedule recurring didactic sessions and rounds, as well as one-off conferences and events.

Administrators use this feature to:

  • Allow presenters to manage session details and documents
  • Manage attendance
  • Evaluate presenters and sessions
Conference Schedules

Case Logging

Technology should advance education, not get in its way. E*Value Case Logging helps students, educators and administrators better monitor competencies, interventions, encounters and skills.

Key Components

Case Logs is a flexible data collection tool designed for students to securely log clinical experiences, patient encounters and lab events. Students can quickly and easily enter patient encounters or clinical competencies based on training requirements. Instructors and supervisors are able to review and validate student logs, while assessing student’s competency in performing the procedure.

Students and teachers using Case Logs can better monitor competencies, interventions, encounters and skills. Other key benefits include:

  • The ability to configure based on program needs
  • Varying levels of sign-off functionality
  • Email notification reminders
  • Robust reporting
  • Mobile friendly

Easy Accessibility

The Case Logs tool responds to the type of device from which the user is assessing the system, making it easy for students to enter activities or encounters from their mobile device, and for faculty or preceptors to review and sign-off notifications.

Multiple Sign Off Options

Validation and sign-off ensures that supervision requirements are well documented.

  • No sign-off required
  • Passive sign-off
  • Active sign-off
  • Competency sign-off


E*Value offers several reports that enable you to see tracking and hours at a glance at the individual, group, program and institutional level.

  • Review summary log
  • Download encounters
  • View patient demographic information
  • Compare individual progress to benchmarks
  • Review validation and sign-offs

Time Tracking

Time Tracking creates transparency about how learners are spending their time. Users are able to create course, educator, and hourly summaries from any device with Internet access.

This user-friendly tool provides supervisors with the intuitive reports they need to verify and validate that students are fulfilling requirements, and that programs are meeting accreditation standards.

Time Tracking Laptop

Key Components

  • Automated reminder notifications for students that are not compliant to program standards
  • Student, preceptor or site manager sign-off validation
  • Users can generate a summary of hours by course, by site and by educator
  • Mobile friendly
  • Organize your program or institution’s logging interface preferences, supervision requirements, reminders, and report preferences
  • Edit trainee or supervisor records

In-Depth Time Tracking Reporting:

This tool allows programs to track hours each student spends at a course or site. Users are then able to quickly configure a variety of reports needed to fulfill their program and accreditation requirements.

  • Time tracking summaries
  • IP address tracking (verifies where hours are being logged)
  • Compliance and violation
  • Simulation hours
  • Didactic hours
  • Sick/Vacation time

Learning Modules

Efficiently create and manage Coursework and Exams.

Key Components


Build exams, set grade scales, and run summaries of learner performance. Ideal for conducting low-stakes exams and pre/post-tests that track student progress over time.



Everything you need to create, review, and grade your students’ coursework. Additional functionality is available for preceptors and students to access continuing education and professional development materials.



Quickly and easily access all available E*Value reports from the centralized Reporting Center.

Key Components

  • Single repository for all E*Value reports
  • Quick access to a library of a User’s saved report templates
  • A summary view of recently run reports
reports screenshot

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E*Value provides robust management solutions that save time and money on a broad range of administrative and data collection tasks, for key healthcare education disciplines.

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