Success Story:

The University of Iowa came to MedHub looking for a comprehensive solution to tightly integrate all residency and fellowship programs under GME oversight.

The Challenge

The University of Iowa had used a competitors’ RMS, enterprise-wide for six years. UIHC came to MedHub looking for a comprehensive solution to tightly integrate all residency and fellowship programs under GME oversight. GME wanted a system that was specifically built for a large enterprise with GME and finance routines at its core.

This meant highly specialized and organized workflow that addressed the clear distinctions between active and terminated trainees. They wanted an IRIS extract that could be easily audited back to source data.  Another requirement was clear security around granting and rescinding access to thousands of internal users and the ability to deliver evaluations to outside preceptors without the need for a username and password, among many other requirements.

When UIHC began the process of reviewing available systems, MedHub, at first glance, was not the obvious choice. MedHub has not been around as long, has less market share and is more expensive than the other systems. So why would any large complex institution switch to MedHub? Because for those that have aggressively compared ALL the available RMS systems head-to-head where price is not the top criteria, MedHub is typically favored by those institutions that have used other RMS systems and seek enhanced integrated functionality, top notch workflow and a wide array of features not found in other systems.

The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Statistics:

  • Used another enterprise wide RMS for six years
  • Multiple Affiliates
  • 62 Residency and Fellowship Programs
  • 200+ Program Coordinators, GME and Finance Users
  • 763 ACGME and Non-ACGME Trainees
  • 3,000+ Faculty and Staff
  • $75+ Million in Reimbursable Medicare Revenue Managed

The Solution

MedHub deployed its system efficiently across all residency and fellowship programs using its linear and streamlined training process. It is always a challenge implementing a new RMS across an institution that has already used another vendors product. As an enterprise-only system, MedHub does this at nearly every instance of a MedHub deployment. If it isn’t the replacement of an enterprise-wide system, then large residency programs within that institution are certainly already using another system. MedHub has become expert change agents using added system functions and integration to attract willing users rather than using GME to FORCE change across an institution.

Deployment at UIHC was effective and rapid. As with many enterprise clients, MedHub was asked to develop a number of institution specific tools for UIHC concurrent with deployment:

  • An ORACLE interface for an existing homegrown Internal Medicine scheduling system
  • Delivery to Anesthesia residents/faculty based upon operating room pairings

The Result

When drilling down into the details, MedHub’s value proposition becomes clear:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Higher quality data
  • A greater breadth of features/functions
  • Decreased redundant effort
  • Improved audit response
  • Intuitive workflow for all users
  • Management of an array of ancillary tasks not generally handled by other Residency Management Systems

This has been fully vetted by all MedHub clients.