6 Ways Your MedHub Learning Portal Consultant Helps You Optimize Your Experience

medhub | January 30, 2021

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6 Ways Your MedHub Learning Portal Consultant Helps You Optimize Your Experience

MedHub’s Learning Portal gives MedHub users a robust set of training tools at their fingertips. It’s a powerful tool that can improve efficiencies, and it comes with a serious benefit: a Graduate Medical Education (GME) Consultant. This seasoned expert will partner with you to drive change, present best practices, and elevate the overall experience and usage of your GME community. It’s included for no additional fee, and empowers you to make the most of your MedHub Learning Portal experience.

What Your GME Consultant Does

When you make the decision to optimize your MedHub training efforts by employing the Learning Portal, you get more than a platform — you get a partnership. Change, even when it drastically helps your organization, can be difficult. Here are some ways your GME Consultant makes your transition more seamless, your deployment more successful, and your ongoing usage more beneficial.

They Review Key Features of MedHub’s Learning Portal

The first time you meet your GME Consultant, you’ll discuss your needs and review some of the key features of the Learning Portal. In a follow-up meeting with your institution’s Learning Portal Task Force (a group of 4-5 users YOU select, with guidance from your consultant), you will dive further into the Learning Portal modules and features and identify the needs of your individual institution.

They Listen to Your Feedback

When the GME Consultant meets with your Learning Portal Task Force, they don’t do all the talking. They do a lot of listening, gathering feedback so they can partner with you and help make a plan that best suits your organization.

“Every institution’s GME community is different. Each institution has its own climate, culture and unique individuals,” says GME Consultant Rhea Fortune.  “Listening, gathering feedback and developing a plan specific to that institution is an important part of supporting their success.”

They Configure the Learning Portal to Best Meet Your Needs

Based on feedback, the GME consultant can help adapt existing Learning Portal features to best meet your organization’s unique needs. For example, if certain modules are not relevant to your institution, the GME Consultant can remove and configure the modules in a way that better aligns with your purposes.

They Help Craft a Smooth Deployment Plan

With the right plan in place, deployment can be a smooth process. Your GME Consultant will:

  1. Develop a deployment timeline that fits your organization’s current cycle
  2. Outline new administrator training curriculum
  3. Collaborate with leadership and the Learning Portal Task Force to develop a deployment plan specific to your needs.
  4. Instruct Learning Portal Managers on reporting and compliance monitoring

They Follow Up to Ensure Sustainable Success

GME Consultants continue to help you after deployment. They follow up more frequently in the initial two months after deployment, and then continue following up at less frequent intervals to ensure continued engagement and success, as well as to collect your feedback for future enhancements.

Who Are These Consultants?

MedHub’s GME Consultants come with decades of experience working in the graduate medical education community. They understand your needs because they have been in your shoes, and they use that expertise to help your institution in driving change and embracing a new way of training users — a new way that is more efficient and effective.

GME Consultant Rhea Fortune

GME Consultant Spotlight: Rhea Fortune

~30 years working in the GME community

  1. 7+ years managing a large academic medical center GME Office
  2. 7+ years as an institutional coordinator and accreditation manager
  3. 10+ years facilitating professional development activities for both program administrators and program directors at the local and national levels
  4. Served on the ACGME Coordinator Advisory Group
  5. Served on the ACGME physician wellness symposium task force
  6. 13+ years managing GME residency and fellowship programs
  7. 5 years managing osteopathic internship programs

“It is my pleasure to be working as a consultant in graduate medical education at an incredible team based organization such as MedHub. My goal is to partner with academic institutions and programs across the country to improve their internal workflows using MedHub to collect and facilitate better processes in support of their accreditation activities.”

6 Benefits of Partnering With a GME Consultant

Having a partner to help you throughout the MedHub Learning Portal process is incredibly valuable. Here are six key ways collaborating with a GME Consultant can help you.

1. Seamless Setup

With MedHub’s Learning Portal, you have a true partner to help you make change less daunting. Your GME Consultant helps you navigate and manage your implementation and ensures you’re set up for success.

2. More Time Back in Your Day

Wouldn’t you love someone to tackle a few items on your to-do list? The GME Consultant takes some of the burden off your plate, delegates tasks to appropriate members of your Learning Portal Task Force, and ensures efficiencies — giving you back valuable time in your busy schedule.

3. Improved Engagement in the New Training Process

Your GME Consultant helps provide the “why” behind the change in the learning method, and helps get your community engaged in the new process.

“I have found, through my years of educating the GME community, that understanding the ‘why’ and making the connection to the ‘bigger picture’, initiative and/or accreditation requirement goes a long way in getting teams engaged and building trust. I’m fortunate to have the knowledge and experience to help clients boost engagement using those methods,” Rhea Fortune says.

4. Optimized MedHub Learning Portal Experience

By listening to and understanding your needs, your GME Consultant can adapt your Learning Portal to best serve your institution. Because they understand your needs, they can group modules together that correlate to the cyclic nature of your academic calendar, as well as provide expert market context for each of the modules. This elevates your use of the MedHub system to support your accreditation needs and institutional oversight.

5. Higher Competency

Learning Portal dashboard statistics provide valuable insights. Your GME Consultant will help you interpret these insights, identify areas for improvement, and work with you to develop a plan to achieve success. The result? Improved Program Administrator competency and increased knowledge base of your program directors and residents/fellows.

6. Easier Onboarding for New Team Members

Onboarding new administrative staff can be a daunting, time-consuming task. The new administrator training curriculum that your GME Consultant helps create empowers you to easily onboard your new team member more efficiently and with consistency.

The MedHub Learning Portal has been a valuable resource for HCA GME, especially considering the extensive growth. Adding new GME facilities and programs means new GME staff and the Learning Portal allows for new users to get a solid knowledge base within the system without expending resources on live trainings (virtual or in-person). We look forward to new modules and topics being added as the Learning Portal is expanded.

Mark DeVany

Director of Administration, GME, HCA

Ready to Partner with a GME Consultant?

When you make the decision to implement MedHub’s Learning Portal to empower your faculty, staff, residents, and students, a GME Consultant will partner with you from the start. Learn more about the Learning Portal or request a demo to see it in action.