Tailored Training for Healthcare Education Program Leaders

Live, expert-led trainings and on-demand, interactive education modules will propel your team of healthcare education program leaders to new heights.

Empowering Organizations to Maximize Performance

In the healthcare education environment, complexity is inevitable. But, it doesn’t have to be a barrier to performance.

While new tools and software drive efficiencies, training and education build confidence and elevate your program from getting through the day-to-day to maximizing your operational effectiveness, efficiency, and knowledge.

That's why we launched our training programs -- because our commitment to program success extends beyond the implementation of our software. Our training experts are there for you to support cyclical, or annual, processes, onboarding of new team members, and even provide your staff with professional development opportunities that drive engagement and decrease burnout.

Our trainers and consultants have expertise ranging from adoption to compliance, and Medicare reimbursement to program accreditation. We draw on years of combined experience and advanced instructional design degrees to propel your team toward maximum efficiency and success.

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Expert-led trainings tailored to your team

We are committed to your program or institution's success when working within our software platforms. Our expert-led trainings are proven to build user confidence and set your team up for success.

We offer a variety of educational options for onboarding, refreshing or enhancing user knowledge, and even translating trends, accreditation updates and best practices into practical application.

MedHub and eValue User Trainings

Like healthcare itself, our software platforms are continually advancing to keep you ahead of the curve and changes in accreditation. But, what good are software enhancements or improvements if you’re not aware of them and unable to take advantage of them?

Our MedHub Training Series and eValue Training Series will ensure that your team has the knowledge to fully optimize your platform. Your team members can choose from beginner through advanced training options, designed to enhance platform proficiency and critical task completion effectiveness.

Contact us to identify the best training opportunity for your team.

On-demand, interactive training modules

Through the MedHub Learning Portal offering, you receive access to a scalable  training tool to save you and your staff time. The Learning Portal provides faculty, staff, and trainees with comprehensive lessons most applicable for onboarding, refreshing skills, and professional development.

With built-in knowledge checks and reporting capabilities, you can empower confident colleagues who operate in their unique roles with efficiency. To help your team optimize our robust library of trainings, our expert UME and GME Consultants design a plan and provide guidance that will ensure your team gets the maximum benefit from the Learning Portal.

The Learning Portal is included as part of your first year of partnership with MedHub. 

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eValue Training Series

A training program specifically crafted for Health Science and Nursing programs to onboard new users and provide advanced content for seasoned users.

The eValue Training Series is an efficient, sustainable, scalable tool to enhance platform proficiency and ensure your team is prepared to carryout their critical tasks with confidence.

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