2019 User Conference Registration is OPEN!

The Annual MedHub User Conference has the training and networking you need to more efficiently and effectively educate tomorrow’s healthcare professionals. We will be hosting our largest training event of the year in Denver, Colorado; September 24-26.

From Beginner to Expert

MedHub’s 2-day training workshops will enable every member of your team to use the product efficiently, no matter their experience level. We also offer custom training courses to bring the learning right to your office. Check out the workshop offerings below to see if there’s a training coming up near you, or contact us to setup a custom training class for your institution.

Workshops Tailored To Your Needs

The MedHub and eValue product support teams have expertise in all areas of Medical and Health Care education requirements. From Medicare reimbursement to program accreditation, we draw on years of combined experience to answer questions and solve problems. Select the product you’re interested in learning more about in the tabs below to view upcoming training opportunities.

Advanced GME Program Administrator Workshop

This two-day workshop is for program coordinators who are already facile with the fundamental MedHub program administrator functionality and looking to expand their knowledge into other areas:

  • Resident dashboards, learning modules and tests
  • Alumni tracking
  • Resident and faculty portfolios
  • Trainee onboarding
  • Custom scheduling views and firms scheduling
  • The new work hours app
  • An in-depth look at Milestones
  • Accreditation (with APE measures) and accreditation review
  • Reports deep-dive

2019 Training Dates:

Finance User Workshop

This two-day workshop is geared toward hospital finance users who have begun using MedHub and are looking for an overview of MedHub’s IRIS functionality, as well as deep diving into:

  • Required biographic fields for IRIS purposes
  • Running the pre-test report (standard report features)
  • Cleaning up pre-test issues
  • IRIS Data Browser

2019 Training Dates:

UME Special Topics

This two-day workshop is geared toward Dean’s Office users who have begun using MedHub and are looking to optimize their use of MedHub functionality such as:

  • Schedule Lottery
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Optimizing the use of MedHub’s evaluation functionality to maintain LCME accreditation

2019 Training Dates:

Advanced eValue Administrator Workshop

This two-day workshop is for Advanced eValue users looking for additional tips and tricks to optimize their current use of the product. Attendees of this training will accomplish the following:

  • Learn how to create & manage evaluation extras
  • Learn how to setup & report on educator scorecards
  • Learn how to create & manage site affiliations & reimbursements
  • Learn how to setup site specific requirements & letter of good standing
  • Learn how to create & manage didactic sessions
  • Learn how to create & manage a curriculum map
  • Understand our companies product roadmap and how you can influence it

2019 Training Dates: