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A data-driven approach to optimizing proficiency among your learners and leaders

Ensuring your institution delivers best-in-class curriculum that prepares learners not only for board exams, but ultimately, to practice as physicians, is complex. Without a single solution that measures exam preparedness and can inform curriculum effectiveness, the data you need to influence learning outcomes is often not available until it’s too late. 

By further expanding our partnership between MedHub and BoardVitals, our first-of-its-kind approach is designed to improve residents’ preparedness for board exams, uncover data and insights into curriculum across the enterprise, and provide educators with the ability to customize and assign educational tools in alignment with curriculum or for students/residents at risk of remediation. 

As part of our shared commitment to continually improve physicians' preparedness, together we are breaking down barriers between curriculum effectiveness and standardized exam preparedness and outcomes, to arm you and your faculty with intuitive reporting and data-driven analytics providing a full view of preparedness at the learner, program, and institutional level.  

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Data-driven insights to improve curriculum effectiveness and exam preparedness

We’ve all heard it before - success is a journey, not a destination. Your UME or GME institution must have data and analytics at its fingertips to continually monitor learning outcomes before it’s too late. With institutional oversight into the largest number of specialties, you’ll maintain consistent measures across programs, which promises to deliver efficiencies in employee onboarding and institutional reporting as well.

With reports at the individual, program, and institutional levels, complete with national benchmark data, longitudinal, and cross-sectional studies, BoardVitals for UME and GME will help you easily understand how your curriculum compares to standardized exams, so you can optimize accordingly or supplement with customized assessments and question banks through BoardVitals.

Level the playing field on test preparation

A recent survey showed that learners now expect content to be provided to them by their UME or GME institution, rather than purchasing on their own. You can improve the competitiveness of your benefits package and demonstrate your commitment to learners of all backgrounds by offering BoardVitals through your UME or GME institution.

Additionally, with Continuing Medical Education (CME) offerings available through BoardVitals for your faculty and staff, your benefits package will be hard for incoming cohorts - and staff - to pass up with access to board review question banks, Maintenance of Certification, and CME through BoardVitals. 

Customize assessments at the individual or program level

With BoardVitals for UME and GME, faculty and administrators can better monitor and track preparedness for board exams, as well as assign customized learning pathways, at the individual, program, and institutional level. With an intuitive user interface, leaders will feel confident in their understanding of preparedness metrics and even more confident in their ability to support students or residents at risk of remediation through personalized assignments.

Join us with the Innovative Partnership 

This partnership represents a first-of-its-kind innovation to connect the entire lifelong journey from the point a student enters medical school through the transition into residency, and preparedness for all board exams in between and beyond.

Get full access to board prep materials covering 53+ specialty and licensing exams. 

In return, we ask for you to share in our commitment to drive measurable improvements in exam pass rates and preparedness by providing an unquestionable quality of board prep material. This commitment includes: 

  • Opportunity for leading institutions to help define how the solution comes to life to best serve students, residents, and institutional leaders 
    • 1 elected advisory board member to contribute 4 hours per year to two virtual committee meetings, providing customer insight and feedback regarding product integration to BoardVitals and MedHub 
    • Based on your institution, one of the following:
      • BoardVitals for GME: 4 residents providing a minimum of 20 hours dedicated to question creation, review, and answer development per year (Eligible to meet Quality Improvement project requirement for ACGME).  
      • BoardVitals for UME: 2 faculty physicians providing dedicated time for question creation, review, or answer development per year (Eligible to meet Quality Improvement project requirement for ACGME).

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