Health Sciences and Nursing Education

eValue by MedHub streamlines program administration.

A solution designed to simplify health science and nursing program administration. Streamline curriculum delivery, coursework, scheduling, assessments, site management and more with eValue by MedHub.

Elevate Your Nursing or Health Sciences Program with eValue by MedHub

eValue by MedHub simplifies health sciences and nursing education program administration and provides greater institutional oversight, enabling you to focus on learning outcomes.

Our solution can be used across a wide variety of healthcare programs including Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary, and more. 

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Clinical Placement

Build and manage clinical rotation schedules across your affiliate sites.

Activity Scheduling

Build, manage, and report on student placement in experiential rotations, lectures, and labs.

Site Management

Simplify the management of clinical and experiential sites for easy access and eligibility verification.


eValue Optimization Scheduling streamlines and enhances the entire course and rotation scheduling process to satisfy the overwhelming number of variables that goes into creating a schedule.


eValue’s integration and import tools make your day-to-day work efficient and insightful from term translation and performance driven student management, to data import tools, we make eValue the hub of your vital information.

User Management

A centralized database to capture, store, and manage student, preceptor, and faculty data. Enables programs to manage data in one place, track immunization, and certification records.

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Program Administration

Flexible tools to drive compliance and track activity.


Create, review, and grade students’ coursework in an easy to access platform. Desktop and mobile friendly means eValue is just a click away.


Monitor student progress and performance over time through evaluations. Create and manage evaluation forms to collect data and report on students, educators, activities, and sites.

Time Tracking

Make it easy to understand how your students are spending their time. Track and validate hours, create summary reports, and automate reminder notifications for students.

Communication Tools

Keep students, preceptors, and faculty updated and engaged with notifications, reminders, and customized homepage views.

Performance Assessment

Tracking student performance throughout their program experience. 


Manage student, site, educator, and program performance through secure evaluations and reporting.


Enable students to create an online Portfolio to showcase their education and professional experiences utilizing the information within the eValue platform.

Case Logs

Help monitor competencies, interventions, encounters, and skills of students across their experiential education.

MedHub Performance Evaluation Sample
Institutional Oversight Graph

Institutional Oversight

Centralize reporting across multiple programs.

  • Your one-stop shop for reports run through eValue. Quickly access saved report templates or view a summary of recently run reports.
Curriculum Mapping
  • Design, manage, drive reporting, and CIR integration all through our user-friendly Curriculum Mapping functionality. Curriculum Mapping information flows into the rest of eValue making it easy to link program level components throughout your institution.
  • Upcoming accreditation visit? Easily manage the tasks leading up to it with automated alerts to responsible parties and reminders throughout the year.

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Trusted by leading Healthcare Education Programs

Corrin Sullivan, PhD
Assistant Dean of Curriculum | University of Nevada Las Vegas, Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine

MedHub has not only provided us with an outstanding product and service, but has really served as an ally in our continuous quality improvement measures. Between the outstanding customer service provided, training, and learning portal tools, MedHub offers us solutions and an alliance to improve and optimize processes that are essential for medical education and accreditation.

Cynthia Geyer
Administrative Director, GME, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

While MedHub is an innovative, intuitive, and well-organized system, it’s the people behind MedHub who make it the superior selection.

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