Health Sciences Education Management

The only software solution designed to simplify program administration, improve learning outcomes, and ensure institutional oversight of clinical education programs across the institution.



The only all-in-one solution proven to have the flexibility that meets the needs of more than 30 unique clinical healthcare education programs.



Eliminate the administrative effort to deploy, support and train users on multiple software tools. With E*Value, programs can leverage one system for all aspects of experiential learning.



Connect programs across campus and sites to other systems through our API, SSO, custom integration, and mobile web applications.

E*Value Features

Clinical Placements

Build and manage clinical rotation schedules across your affiliate sites.

  • Activity Scheduling
  • Site Management
  • Schedule Optimization

User Management

Capture, store and manage student and faculty data in a centralized database.

  • Student Demographics
  • Personal Records
  • Educators

Performance Assessment

Design and distribute tools to evaluate the performance of all students.

  • Evaluations
  • Case Logging
  • Portfolios

Program Administration

Track student activities and drive compliance with flexible tools.

  • Time Tracking
  • Assessments
  • Coursework

Institutional Oversight

Oversee users across multiple programs with centralized compliance tracking.

  • Accreditation Management
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Reporting & Analytics
Students, Trainees & Faculty
Evaluations Annually

Experiential Learning Management

Educators, administrators and students trust E*Value as the only all-in-one, comprehensive solution with the flexibility to address the specific needs of key health sciences disciplines:

+ Physical Therapy
+ Athletic Training
+ Physician Assistant
Over 50 Programs Served

+ Nutrition & Dietetics
+ Medical Assisting
+ Occupational Therapy
Over 30 Programs Served

+ Speech Pathology
+ Nursing
+ Imaging Sciences
Over 40 Programs Served

What's New with E*Value

We want to make your day-to-day work as efficient and insightful as possible with the latest releases to the E*Value product:

Term Translation Updates – Apply term translation from your parent programs to your affiliated child programs.

iCal Integration – Allow educators and students to integrate calendars in a single location for easy schedule management.

Educator Scorecard Updates – Improve experiential learning outcomes with performance driven educator management.

Mandatory Question Triggers – Implement mandatory question triggers to gain deeper insight into evaluation responses.

Biographic Data Import Tool – Mass update users’ biographic information to streamline workflows.


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