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MSU College of Veterinary Medicine simplified program administration, scheduling, and educational effectiveness using eValue

Mississippi State University’s (MSU) College of Veterinary Medicine is a champion of world-class research, high-quality learning experiences and cutting-edge care. However, program administration, evaluations, scheduling, and documentation for accreditation began to create an overwhelming burden on faculty and students.

Overcoming Multiple Hurdles with a Single Technology Solution

MSU’s reliance on Excel spreadsheets for scheduling and CoursEval for rotation evaluations was creating inefficiencies, and the college lacked true insight into coursework and instruction effectiveness. In essence, the college wanted a solution that would simplify program administration, ensure institutional oversight, and validate the quality of learning provided by their accredited institution.

“Pulling from examples set by other leading veterinary programs, we started using eValue for curriculum mapping,” said Jenny Burns, Academic Affairs Manager at MSU and eValue Administrator.

“However, as an accreditation visit was approaching, we soon determined that we not only needed insight but also a solution that would provide documentation that the school was teaching required competencies, where and how those competencies were taught, and how student learning of those competencies was assessed.” The college purchased the full eValue Suite and Optimization Schedule module. In addition to being AVMA accredited, the solution covered all the bases: lottery/optimization scheduling, clinical case logging, mobile accessibility and rotation site management. Plus, the platform has the capability to continue to expand as the college grows.

Simplified Scheduling, Evaluation, Assessment

eValue trimmed the tedious, paper-based lottery scheduling process from 2-3 months down to less than one month. What’s more, scheduling students for MSU’s web of satellite locations and student externships at approved practices and institutions across the country is now fair and balanced.

Once students are scheduled, the college can effortlessly track their progress without a convoluted series of steps to access multiple systems. Through a combination of scheduling, evaluation, case logs, and curriculum mapping, administrators have access to their location, the percentage of required clinical rotations they have completed, their level of skill in performing core competencies, what and how they are being taught, and how they are being assessed.

“Curriculum Mapping means all information in one place and it helps us identify areas of overlap and areas of weakness in coverage of competencies across the curriculum,” added Burns.


Using eValue and its add-on Optimization Scheduling module makes MSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s program efficient, compliant, and successful with:

  • Shortened, streamlined course scheduling process
  • Quick identification into areas of overlap and weakness
  • Easy compliance with AVMA mandated alumni management requirements
  • Simple, efficient scheduling rotations at MSU satellite sites • All-in-one technology platform that can grow as MSU’s program grows
  • Anonymous, real-time faculty and student evaluations
  • Faculty end rotation evaluations of student performance on clinical skills, knowledge and professional behaviors
  • Mid-rotation evaluations of required rotations that provide students with feedback about areas for improvement