Evaluate Better: A Guide to Using ACGME Milestones

When you're working to develop high quality, competent physicians, your assessment framework is an integral part of the process.

ACGME's Milestones, and now Milestones 2.0, represent a guidance system that helps institutions standardize evaluation, and can help you prepare your residents and fellows for competent, unsupervised practice.

How do you use Milestones to drive meaningful evaluations?

Recently Kate McDaniel, PhD, MSW from Duke Hospital and Health System partnered with MedHub for a webinar to discuss Milestones place in your assessment framework. Her discussion covered: 

  • The purpose of ACGME Milestones within the context of GME assessment systems
  • How the Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) informs Milestone ratings
  • How to leverage Milestones to assist struggling residents and perform curricular assessment

Explore Dr. McDaniel's guidance in the webinar.

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