Finance and GME Consultants

Leading Graduate Medical Education (GME) institutions work with MedHub Consultants for guidance with accreditation, training and platform use, and reimbursement.

Explore how your program can maximize reimbursement and operational efficiencies by partnering with MedHub's expert Finance or GME Consultants.

Work with a GME Consultant

At MedHub, we understand that each institution has unique needs and goals and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't apply to GME Institutions. That's why we offer access to industry-leading GME Consultants, who have real experience serving in institutional leadership roles like you.

Embarking on a collaboration that combines the premiere MedHub residency management software with the expertise of GME Consultants results in the confidence that your processes are working smoothly, which will drive operational efficiencies, better learning outcomes and ongoing success.

Explore MedHub GME Consulting services below.

Financial Consulting

Juggling both the educational and financial aspects of residency programs is increasingly complex, but extremely critical. Even if your institution has a team member focused on reimbursement, a critical component of residency management, the changing processes can cause coding or billing errors and result in potentially missed FTEs or decreased reimbursement for your institution.

Our GME Finance Consultants stay up-to-date on the latest reimbursement and audit processes and information and will work with your team to ensure data accuracy, help you maximize your reimbursement, fill gaps between GME and finance, and, most importantly, free up your team for the work they do best.

Reach out to determine if working with a GME Finance Consultant is right for your program.

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PLA Manager

When it comes to Program Letter of Agreement (PLA) oversight, there are a lot of details to manage from specific sites to the terms at each location. Have ease of mind by collaborating with our experts to set-up PLA Manager and streamline the entire process.

Dynamic Forms

Maximize your resident onboarding capabilities by giving your new residents and institution a tool to gather and import data and materials to create an efficient and virtual experience prior to orientation. Increase time saved and drive a single source of truth for resident management.

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Learning Portal

When you receive the scalable, on-demand training modules available through the Learning Portal, you can choose to partner with a GME Consultant to optimize your experience. Your GME Consultant will guide your deployment and ensure your team and residents receive the maximum benefit by:

  • Working with you to identify your needs
  • Configuring a plan to meet your requirements
  • Crafting a deployment plan
  • Help you manage ongoing success


Marcie Becker, MEd
Director, Graduate Medical Education | MetroHealth

“I have had the opportunity to work with Rhea (MedHub GME Consultant) quite a bit. She is quick to reply to emails, friendly, and very knowledgeable. She has helped us out while we have been trying to learn MedHub. We appreciate her expertise as we still get our bearings and continue to learn. Rhea is a great asset!”

Diane Roney
Reimbursement Analyst | University of Rochester Medical Center

Our challenge was providing finance with reports to reconcile FY regarding resident time at other institutions. With financial consulting from MedHub, the finance office was able to reconcile FY2016 vis-à-vis resident salaries being reimbursed to URMS.