How MedHub’s Finance Consultants Can Help You Reach Your Goals

medhub | August 6, 2021

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How MedHub’s Finance Consultants Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Institutions often lose money because their processes have not been optimized. There are a lot of balls in the air — IRIS, billing, data, scheduling, and changing policies, people, resources, and tools — that require time and resources to manage. MedHub’s powerful team of experts can help ensure everything is optimized to maximize ROI and, ultimately, reimbursement. Instead of wasting time, programs that leverage MedHub’s GME finance consulting have a clean, streamlined system that works. 

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What Should You Expect When You Work With a MedHub Finance Consultant? 

When you work with a MedHub Finance Consultant you can be confident they have specialized knowledge and skills to tackle your unique challenges. They can conduct a high-level, independent audit and provide recommendations to meet your financial goals.  

With GME financial consulting and product best practices and your specific financial goals in mind, our Finance Consultants: 

  • Review training program set-up against external information 
  • Review training sites/locations utilized by programs against outside sources 
  • Run an audit and review biographic and scheduling data issues 
  • Perform a high-level review of trainees for potential simultaneous match for claiming 
  • Provide reports of high-level findings and recommendations 

Your report will include actionable insights with specific suggestions for remediation. Based on those findings, the MedHub team offers additional services you can utilize to resolve any identified issues and/or increase efficiencies. Everything will be tied to goals, processes, and timelines, and may include: 

  • Demographic Clean-up 
  • Site Specific Clean-up 
  • Activity Clean-up 
  • Cost Center Set-up 
  • IRIS Clean-up 
  • IRIS FTE Comparison 
  • Billing Set-up 
  • Billing Clean-up 
  • Finance Training 
  • Finance Professional Services 

Complicated, intertwined systems and information are all tackled through a simple, five-step process outlined below (with the fifth step being your results!). From start to finish, MedHub’s GME financial consulting team will be transparent and ensure all your questions are answered. 


Who Are MedHub’s Finance Consultants? 

Our Finance Consultants have more than 72 years of combined experience to support your programs with evolving practices and to ensure optimal reimbursement. When you partner with MedHub and our Consultants, you will gain confidence in your financial reporting and reimbursement outcomes.  

Our team of Finance Consultants will help improve your teams and outcomes, with expertise in: 

In addition, the team sits on the board with CGI and CMS which enables them to stay up to date on the latest changes in the field. 

What Can You Accomplish With Greater Financial Efficiencies? 

Client partners who work with a MedHub Finance Consultant appreciate their level of detail and results-oriented approach. After implementing recommended changes from our experts, institutions can experience benefits including: 

  • The elimination of burdensome data entry and maintenance related to IRIS and billing 
  • Optimized systems that align with financial goals 
  • Greater ROI by ensuring the maximum reimbursement amount is achieved 
  • Improved data accuracy 
  • Assured adherence to all Medicare regulations and changes 

With results that are tailored to your program’s needs, the biggest benefit of working with MedHub’s GME financial consulting is peace of mind. There’s a high level of trust required that we don’t take for granted, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals. 


Let your MedHub Financial Consultants aid your team in reaching your IRIS and billing goals. 

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