6 Things to Consider When Selecting a Healthcare Education Management Solution

medhub | August 19, 2021

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6 Things to Consider When Selecting a Healthcare Education Management Solution

Gone are the days when spreadsheets and paper-based processes worked as a means for managing the complex workflows and data requirements of healthcare education. Comprehensive healthcare education management software solutions are the obvious choice for highly functional programs and institutions looking to keep up with today’s evolving demands. 

Healthcare education management solutions are designed for greater efficiency, streamlining administrative tasks and allowing educators to focus on their students and more critical initiatives. 

But not all healthcare education management solutions are created equal. Here’s what you should look for when considering a healthcare education management solution:

1 – Configuration 

Your organization shouldn’t have to adapt their processes to fit into a healthcare education management solution. A configurable system allows you to customize elements within a platform to work for your organization’s unique needs. Look for a healthcare education management system that is not only configurable but provides a team of experts to construct the system around you. 

Some solutions advertise they will onboard you quickly, but the secret is that the hours of back-end work required to set up the system fall on you, the customer. You and your colleagues do not have the time to manage program activities, evaluate processes, set up workflows, and move data into the system. Unfortunately, this is a requirement for many healthcare education management systems.

With eValue by MedHub software, we get it right from start to finish. We know every organization is unique. We partner with you to configure your platform, so it’s suitable for your organization rather than quickly onboarding you as a client and leaving you to do the heavy lifting. 

We’ve supported hundreds of implementations throughout the years. Knowing that each institution is different, we listen to your needs and requirements, then design your platform to meet those needs. And throughout the process, our team works with you to ensure that your system is set up efficiently, accurately, and exceeds expectations.

And we continue making it easy for you with our intuitive system. Employees and students within your institution will come and go, so select a system that is easy to understand and offers a favorable user journey so anyone can pick it up with ease.

View our implementation process.  

2 – Real-time connectivity

Nowadays, utility and ease of use from anywhere should be a requirement for all software solutions in healthcare education, particularly with clinical placement in mind. Look for a healthcare education management solution that is mobile optimized to allow users access from any device – whether it’s a tablet, phone, or computer.  For students and educators, it’s crucial to be able to complete evaluations, log procedures/clinical skills, and check schedules from anywhere at any time. Our mobile-first development strategy for eValue by MedHub supports this need. 

3 – Security 

Beyond this, security and mobile responsiveness should go hand in hand. You need a partner that understands the importance of your data, how to keep it secure, and ensure it is accessible when you need it. 

eValue by MedHub utilizes industry-standard or better security procedures and protocols. We also commit significant resources to data centers and ongoing penetration testing. Additionally, you can expect a reliable connection with eValue. In fact, the uptime all day, every day, is a reliable 99.95%. 

4 – Robust reporting 

Choose a platform that maintains cross-program data sharing and reporting so you can centralize reporting across multiple programs. This provides leadership with a consistent top-down view of program and institution-wide performance. 

Our reporting was designed so that even the most novice users are comfortable generating their own reports from day one. An intuitive menu structure, minimized click-throughs, and improved graphics are at the heart of the eValue by MedHub design. Reports are dynamic, which means users can easily pivot data points, or drill-down for greater levels of detail. Enterprise reporting is available. Report filtering allows end-users to pull a 30,000 foot overview or get extremely granular with just a couple of clicks.

Here are some advantages of the eValue by MedHub reporting system:

  • One-stop shop for reports: Quickly access saved report templates or view a summary of recently run reports.
  • Curriculum mapping: Design, manage, drive, and integrate curriculum mapping; This information flows into the rest of eValue making it easy to link program level components throughout your institution.

5 – Total program management

Many higher education institutions have disparate systems, which makes it tricky to communicate across departments and transfer commonly shared information like site and preceptor data. Where eValue by MedHub shines in comparison to competing solutions is the seamless interaction for people – and information – across the platform, regardless of program. eValue by MedHub is the only system that allows the unique stakeholders from each program to work together in the same system, eliminating the redundancy of efforts and creating autonomous performance measurement by each program.

In a perfect world, faculty, staff, and students should be able to work hand-in-hand with the right healthcare education management platform. A system that can support total program management is critical for transparency and communication. Leveraging eValue by MedHub can effectively replace your disparate systems and provide:

  • A holistic view of performance for leadership 
  • Overall cost savings to the institution 
  • Program-specific autonomy   
  • A simplified IT system landscape  
  • Better ease in preparing for accreditation; Easily manage the tasks leading up to it with automated alerts to responsible parties and reminders throughout the year. 

Seek a solution that provides a one-stop-shop and transparency for your institution, whereby many users can view and share information.

6 – A lasting partnership

The final and maybe most important aspect of choosing a healthcare education management system is the human connection. Many healthcare education management systems operate by “setting it and forgetting it,” which means they onboard you and then leave you on your own to figure out the technology.

Seek a solution with a roster of support staff to help your organization get the most out of your healthcare education management system. Whether it’s setting up the system or one-off questions, you can feel confident that our team has your back. In fact, at MedHub, all of our support is at your fingertips through online resources, a dedicated support staff, and one-on-one support for software questions. 

Our support team has the street credibility to match. eValue by MedHub supports more than 500 healthcare education programs and is used by over 600,000 users throughout the world. Despite those high numbers, users rate our support with a 97% rating for quality – and 98% for speed of service.

Learn more about how our team can support your institution.

Final thoughts

Sure, you have options when seeking a new healthcare education management system. But many will require you to purchase additional modules to manage portfolios, outcomes, preceptors and more. At MedHub, and with the eValue by MedHub platform, we see this as an architectural constraint — we don’t believe in hidden fees and our commitment to you is fierce, which is why you’ll have full access to our support professionals.

MedHub is a tried-and-true partner for hundreds of healthcare education systems across the country, whether our partners are using the MedHub software platform or eValue by MedHub software platform, with an unsurpassed track record of stability and growth. We strive to simplify health sciences and nursing education administration, improve learning outcomes, and ensure institutional oversight. 

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